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Alexandra Young is the Principal of AE Designs and author of ScribersBlog. She has over 14 years in Information Technology (IT). Originally, starting on the design side I soon migrated over to the development side. Her reasoning, while Designers were the visionaries Programmers were the real creators. Being one who likes to get her hands dirty, programming was a natural progression. Today, both groups can work closer together and I was member of the community that helped affect that change. Now designers can create entire interactive multimedia sites and applications without needing to know a line of code.

Throughout her IT career Alexandra performed the writing tasks of documenting events, revelations, and information. Her dual background coupled with a business sense makes her a natural communication bridge because she has first-hand knowledge to the challenges and thrills unique to each environment.  Want to hear to hear the latest? Click here and receive the latest by email.

Alexandra Young

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