How to change the world with simply an Internet connection

Never mind, anywhere in the world? – Even from your deck chair!

Sounds like a science fiction novel, doesn’t it? In reality, it’s fast becoming a business standard of today where Fortune 500 companies and governments are adapting it into their business models every day. This technology you`ll know better as cloud computing.

Collaboration is another popular topic on networking sites. This is the business practice that is helping businesses and government agencies cut costs to improve their profit margin. More importantly, this method reduces the need for companies to either lay off employees or overstretching their Information Technology (IT) Departments.

The smart Fortune 500 companies have practiced collaboration for years. Digital collaboration first came into existence in 2001 when Microsoft released SharePoint.

SharePoint is a good product if:

1.       You are a networking guru
2.       You enjoy overseeing the network to ensure it is running, upgraded and secure 24 hours a day.


1.       I’m not
2.       and I don’t!

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is not your answer either. The benefit of VPN is that your team can access your corporate network to work with files while they are away from the office. Unfortunately VPN also needs a Server(s) and IT Department to manage the network security and privileges. Also, VPN is rarely user-friendly. Phone support at login is a frequent happening and poor Internet connections are a constant problem.

Now let’s say you already have SharePoint and VPN and a stellar IT department. But in cases of international teams, what do you do? Have set phone meetings? What about time differences? Or do you regularly fly around the world to touch base? Not cost-effective nor is it effective time management in cases of time sensitive issues.

Your solution is Huddle – “the only true provider of intercompany collaboration in the cloud.” Essentially, the Huddle developers picked up where Microsoft stopped.

I think, Huddle is the most complete, well thought out online work space I have ever seen.

Here’s the link HERE for you to see what I mean.


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