Get into your comfort zone

Your writing environment is as important as the topic. A place that is comfortable, well-lit and preferably warm is most conducive to happy writing. A set working space is both a luxury and a liability. What happens when you get a block and you feel trapped in your space? Or worse, you’re expected to work away from your space?

Freelance writers are forced to work in many different environments – and rarely are they ideal. Therefore, writers-for-hire must create their space anywhere, instantly.

I use music to create my space. I have programmed several playlists with different music genres on my iPod. The variety is helpful for when I`m writing to different audiences, work environments as well as subject matter. Many times the music will put me straight back into my train of thought. I usually find acoustic or classical the most effective choice as the lyrics can be distracting when focusing on more complex documents.

Other writers choose a photo of their kids or family. While I even know of writers who prefer to write in an all night coffee shop chains. Special objects such as a charm or a special notebook and pen can be your muse.  If you prefer to keep a digital space, however, why not personalize your computer’s desktop? Both Mac and PC’s allow you to customize your desktop.

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